Kertaa yo-kokeisiin

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Studeo is a learning platform that offers high quality learning materials and adaptive learning tools in one package.

Content: We have published more than 240 different courses based on the Finnish curriculum from 3rd grade to end of high school.

Content includes text, video, interactive content and integrated applications. We offer a wide range of exercises and tests. Teachers also have the capability to add and share own content to collaborate with students to create new content.

Teachers also have access to teachers’ materials and guides. With Studeo, teachers can fully replace traditional textbooks, exercise books and teachers’ materials.

Pedagogical design: Studeo’s platform and content enables teachers to save time on planning lessons, monitoring progress and grading students. Studeo also offers unique capabilities to personalise the learning experience for individual students’ needs and objectives.

Studeo’s platform has a built in support for student evaluation. Platform also provides information on students’ skills and performance that helps teachers to coach students based on understanding on each individuals’ needs.

All learning in one place: With the ability to make notes directly to the material, students’ benefit from having everything in one place: textbook contents, exercises, notes, exams, feedback from students and peer students, discussions, lesson plans and goals.

Student’s also get access to their individual learning information. They can see in which skills they have performed well and get recommendations how they could learn better.

Adapts to students individual needs: We publish different versions of the same content. This enables students with learning challenges to change to a more simplified version of the content with a press of a button. An extensive range of exercises include easier. And more challenging exercises so that each student can find exercises they need. All texts can also be listened which helps for example those students with reading challenges.

Always with you: Studeo is a browser based service that is optimised to be used in laptops as well as in mobile devices. With Studeo, your learning is accessible anywhere and anytime.